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Eastside Neighborhood Advisory Council of Tacoma

Committed to empowering Eastside residents through community stewardship, grassroots activism, and collaborative action.
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  The Eastside Neighborhood Advisory Council of Tacoma (ENACT), one of eight recognized neighborhood councils, emphasizes public safety and beautification of Tacoma’s Eastside District.

In September 1992, the Tacoma City Council passed an ordinance that established eight neighborhood councils throughout the city to offer Tacoma residents a direct voice in their local government and a way to channel their issues and concerns. Even though ENACT is connected to the City in this way, it acts independently in making recommendations about City actions, programs and services that affect the Eastside. ENACT, along with other neighborhood councils is supported by the City’s Neighborhood Council Office, part of its Planning and Development Services Department.

The Eastside Neighborhoods Advisory Council of Tacoma complies with Tacoma City Council Resolution 31888, of the Tacoma Municipal Code Chapter 1.45 and Ordinance 25188 which created Neighborhood Councils to increase and assure effective citizen participation in the decisions of government.  

View "Standards and Guidelines of the Neighborhood Council Program".

Eastside Neighborhood Advisory Council ofTacoma(ENACT) is seeking active, committed leadership. Our Board of Directors consist of 13 regular members plus a nonvoting alternate.Elections are held in October where approximately half of the members are elected eachyear. Term of office is for a period of two years.

You need not have any professional background or prior board experience in order to get involved with ENACT. We're seeking diversity in our board members to represent the differences in our area's residents.

We do ask, though, that you approach your responsibilities with an eye toward consensus-building, "roll up your sleeves" action, and the Eastside's best interests.

Even if you're not able to commit the time and energy needed for board membership, you may be able to help in other ways. Perhaps you could assist with mailings, or telephoning, or serving on a subcommittee. Even your attendance at ENACT regular meetings throughout the year will make a difference, as we must know what our residents think to be able to make recommendations that are best for the area.

So, come on, help us make a difference! Get involved in ENACT, and make your neighborhood a better one.





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